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The scrambler network is also likely to be a new melrose prison in bobson's central jail cell. The prison authorities have installed high power jammer equipment at the Beau-Bassin prison to end the illegal use of mobile phones by prisoners. In fact, prisoners with mobile phones do not hesitate to enter social networks or send text messages to people outside the prison. Devices installed in central prisons are intended to dissuade those who want to pass their phones to prisoners. Le Matinal questioned on Tuesday that Jean Bruneau, the prison commissioner, said he did not intend to save the technology to prevent detainees from communicating outside. That's why he says the Beau-Bassin prison has installed complex equipment. Melrose's new high security prison and these wifi jammer are being tested. The prison authorities recently acquired a sniffer dog that can detect phone intruders sometimes hidden in prison walls. The installation of equipment designed to make phone calls in prison meets very strict criteria. This is to avoid disrupting communication networks outside the prison. Mobile jammers are designed to make mobile phones unusable in certain areas. They made waves on a shelf for communication. The cell phone jammer blocks mobile radio and reception by transmitting waves, which will prevent communication between mobile devices and relay antennas. Most of them develop to limit all other adjacent electromagnetic radiation as much as possible. The history of mobile interference. Appear on the market a few years before the GSM jammer, these equipment can only be used for defense, but has changed, now anyone can use them to protect their privacy. In fact, we can even conclude that a mobile jammer (or a GSM signal jammer) is very useful, and everyone should have one. That way, you won't forget to turn off your phone in important meetings or shows. When you start the gps jammer, Legal scrambler Gsm function. Legal community, you can literally block any movement signal in a given perimeter area. In the case of a GSM network, the technology is the same as the technology used to destroy radio waves. We all know that our phones use antennas on specific networks to build signals. What the phone scrambler does is transmit the same radio frequency as the mobile signal, and thus damage the connection between the phone and the nearest antenna. So France has legitimate cell phone interference! I have put forward eleven measures for our prison. The abolition of dati and taubila laws, the addition of 40,000 prison places, and the recruitment of 5,000 prison guards. For all attacks (from throwing stones to beating... ) police, gendarmes or firefighters, and the perpetrators of these ACTS in preventive custody until they are tried, will be sentenced to severe imprisonment. Limit the use of a suspended sentence instead of two sentences: stop using only twice, even if the facts are different, and the third automatically causes the suspension to be suspended. As a principle, in addition to special circumstances, the detention order that carries out a trial in the case of a fixed-term imprisonment. Any foreigner sentenced to imprisonment is deported after being released. Protection of certain categories of foreigners will be reduced or eliminated. The short sentence will be replaced by an immediate expulsion order and a return to the ban. Strengthen the power of prison intelligence. Through the cell would invariably be the principle of detainees, set safety and dignity of prisoners and prison management an ambitious policy: the measure is necessary, must respect the existing laws, ensure privacy, avoid the prisoner abuse avoid radicalization. Development of prisons to facilitate reintegration. Reinstatement of prison clothes that are essential to the equal treatment of detainees, and to avoid distinctive religious symbols. Install the cell phone jammer system, disable the cell phone entering the prison, and return the body search after each visit. Remove the canteen system and grocery system and check the procedures received from the outside. Dining room and a grocery store system just to buy a prison of peace, by making those who have the economic ability to gain more comfort (especially food), not equal to improve the number of prisoners. Countries in charge of accommodation and food for prisoners cannot guarantee such fundamental inequalities. http://howidoit.ning.com/profiles/blogs/high-power-cell-phone-gsm-gps-for-prison https://jammerzen.kinja.com/gsm-cell-phone-jammer-block-wifi-1822614366